This timeline will always be a work in progress.  There’s three years of catch-up to do!
Battle of the Milvian Bridge: AD 312


    272 - 337            Constantine (birth/death)

     ca. 305               Constantine becomes Roman Emperor and declares Christianity
                                     to be the official state religion

        312                  Battle of the Milvian Bridge

        324                  Byzantium becomes Constantinople

      432              St. Patrick established a church in Ireland

   476 - 800        The Dark Ages - an early medieval period of western
                             European history

 476                   MEROVINGIAN dynasty begins                      

 476                   End of Western Roman Empire

ca. 480              Anglo-Saxons take over Roman Britain

  529                 St. Benedict established Benedictine Rule for monasteries

         768            CAROLINGIAN period begins

     768 - 814           Charlemagne (birth/death)

   793                Viking raids begin in Britain

   800                Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor in Rome

   936               OTTONIAN period begins

936-973          Otto I (birth/death)

    962             Otto I crowned emperor in Rome

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